Breakaway Pale Ale 5.0% ABV  39 IBU – A crisp American Ale brewed in true California fashion, it’s pale-golden in color and light to medium in body. A hoppy bouquet of orange blossom and honeydew leads into a soft undertone of breadiness. The dry finish lingers with notes of green tea and passion fruit. 
Big Whig IPA 6.8% ABV  77 IBU– Hop-forward throughout, this West Coast style ale hits the palate with layers of tangerine, honey, and rosemary that harmoniously unite into a big, resinous, lingering finis
Pistol Whip’d Pils 4.5% ABV  26 IBU – A fresh take on a Czech-Style Pils brewed with New Zealand’s Motueka hops. Pale yellow in color, medium in body, showcases a vibrant, floral hop character, lots of lime, a bit of juicy fruit and some snappy dryness in the finish.